y p s m a e l

Ypsmael at this year’s Zuider Festival on Friday, 22 August, The Loch stage around dusk, in Enschede (Netherlands).


Remote participation: ‘Ypcmaeline Remomemo Plalipomo (Your Face Looks Different When You’re Asleep)’. 16 minutes of sound fragments (guitar, effects, field recordings, kalimba, harmonica, xylophone, voice and splicings) written, recorded and produced by Ypsmael for Post-Modern Plant Life: An [RHP] CDRs Artist Laboratory. Presented in The Temperate House (Jephson’s Gardens), Leamington Spa, UK, 14-15 June 2014. Big thanks to Ryan Hughes/[RHP] CDRs for the kind invitation, and to Warwick District Council for supporting this event with an Arts Development Grant. Photography by Verity Jackson.


Warwick Courier

Performance and sound installation for Rhizom at Montagehalle/Schauspielhalle, Bonn, on 28 May.

A video clip-like expel for ‘Ah, quelqu’un!’, harbinger of the forthcoming Ypsmael release ‘Box of Black’ (2014). Original video and inspiration: ‘Bonjour!’ by Debilly Marine. Visual manipulations and audio by Ypsmael. Sound: free improvisation and chance operations using microphone feedback, amplified objects, reeds and fx pedals. Recorded live to single-track, no edits, mixing or mastering. To be played in a dark room at night.

15 May in Basel (CH) at Off Bar (playing at the cinema downstairs), visuals by Naomi Jones-Morris & Ypsmael, details here and here.